Vinyl records wear out.
The joy of the music continues.

Songcorder transforms your favourite vinyl records into high quality digital files.
Same sound. New format.

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€ 30*
one time payment
* price may differ depending on the payment method
We've created Songcorder to help you preserve your favourite vinyl records

Songcorder was created by people with a passion for vinyl music, just like you. We know firsthand how expensive it can get. This is why we created this program to digitize vinyl records and create a digital archive.

How it works

Connect your turntable and phono stage to the network streamer (see the list of compatible devices) and your network streamer to the network. Once your device is connected, your favorite sound will seamlessly transfer to Songcorder running on your computer.

Download Songcorder and run it. It doesn't require any additional set up.
Play your favourite vinyl album and make a digital record with Songcorder.
Sit back and listen to high-quality music in digital format wherever you are.
Allows recording of any analogue or digital source from Linn DSM
Supports FLAC file format
Based on the OpenHome standard and Songcast: bit-perfect quality
Uses the internal ADC circuits and clocking information of Linn DSM
Device Works with Songcorder Analogue Inputs Digital Inputs Exakt Inputs for Linn Urika 2 Built-In Phono Stage



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